Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bruins Blow Big Lead, Lose to Wildcats

By Bruin Basketball Report

Box Score

In yet another chapter in UCLA's lost season,  the Bruins let the Arizona Wildcats rally from 14 points in the second half to lose, 78-73, in Tucson.

UCLA defenders inexplicably were unable to locate hot-shooting Arizona guard Kyle Fogg who hit 5 of 6 three-pointers down the stretch to help the Wildcats overcome its big deficit.  

Fogg simply patiently set up on the wing or in the corner and waited for a pass from a teammate against UCLA's soft 2-3 zone and repeatedly hit open shots.

He finished with a career-high 26 points including 19 points in the deciding final half.

This was a game for the Bruins to win.  While Michael Roll was torching Arizona for 21 points, freshman Tyler Honeycutt was controlling the boards with 11 rebounds and the defensive paint with 2 blocks.

But UCLA's inconsistent zone defense was slow in reacting and rotating in the second half as Fogg shot his team back into the game.

Freshman center Reeves Nelson did not play again due to his post-op eye surgery.  

Brendan Lane played solidly at center for 27 minutes and recorded 7 points and 6 rebounds before fouling out with a few minutes to play in the game.

The loss on Thursday ensured UCLA (13-16, 8-9) will end the regular season sub-500, the first time since Coach Ben Howland's first season in Westwood when the Bruins finished 2003-04, 11-17.

UCLA travels to Tempe for its Pac-10 regular season finale against the Arizona State Sun Devils on Saturday.


At Mar 5, 2010, 2:29:00 AM, Anonymous Bruin4Life said...

This was a tough one to watch. Once again, I feel bad for Roll. He played his heart out and it is pathetic that he has to play alongside trash like Dragovic.
When a team lights up the three the way Arizona did, you have to come back with even more energy...and then Drago starts tossing up three's that barely hit the rim.
Worst of all is Jerime Anderson and the smile he has on his face whenever he screws up. What the hell is this? Tyus Edney must be spinning in his grave.
On the plus side, Lane and Honeycutt's performances give me hope for the future.
I look forward to next season. Maybe Jerime Anderson's balls will drop, and Drago will be back in the old country.

At Mar 5, 2010, 2:58:00 AM, Anonymous Panama said...

Anderson is pathetic. What is BH thinking when he gives him so much playing time? It's seems clear that Anderson is lost on the court and I agree, what's with the SMILE.
Even with the talent that is coming in next year we won't see that much improvement if BH continues to give him significant playing time.

At Mar 5, 2010, 11:04:00 AM, Anonymous BruinFan said...

JA NEEDS TO TRANSFER COACH or I'm gonna go tire popping
Drago sucks the life out of this team. If we had an isolation video of what he did in the 2nd half, nobody would be shocked. The guy just simply does not care. No pride whatsoever.
Roll, u r a stud. Great game. U r the only boy or MAN on this team. Your girlfriend is hot. You earned her so tie the knot already
AZ's 3 guards vs. Mustafa, Roll, Anderson...
Hey we only lost by less than 10.
You better gut your staff, trainer, Bobo, Anderson and play run and gun next year.


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