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UCLA Rally Falls Short On Unforced Errors

By Bruin Basketball Report

Box Score

The Bruins rallied but came up short losing to the Oregon Ducks, 70-68, at Pauley Pavilion on Senior Day.

After falling behind by 14 points, the Bruins rallied to tie the game, 65-65, with just 2 minutes remaining in the game.  

But then Jerime Anderson committed two consecutive turnovers to snuff out the Bruin rally.  

In the first play Tyler Honeycutt cut to the basket but Anderson tossed a pass low and behind him for a turnover after which Tajuan Porter hit a three-pointer to put the Ducks up 68-65.  On this same play Anderson misplayed a screen set for Porter by going under the screen, and Porter with the extra space hit the trey.

On the ensuing play Anderson dribbled up past halfcourt  but then inexplicably threw the ball away with just 50 seconds remaining to end the Bruins chances.

After crawling back from a huge deficit, it was disheartening for the team to lose on the unforced errors.

Senior Michael Roll hit a three-pointer to end the game to bring the final losing margin to one.

Roll, playing his last game at Pauley Pavilion, finished to tie a career-high 25 points.

In the first half UCLA was ineffective attacking the Duck's 2-3 zone, launching numerous three-point shots off the mark to begin the game.  They were just 4 of 14 from beyond the arc in the opening half for 28% as they fall behind 41-31 going into halftime.

The Bruins were passive offensively, unable or perhaps unwilling to attack the Oregon zone and instead were willing to slowly pass the ball around the perimeter until forced to launch a shot before the shot clock expired.

In the second half, the Bruins were more effective against the zone as they put Malcolm Lee on the baseline to run behind the zone.  It resulted in Lee getting 18 points in the game, mostly on backdoor layups.

Defensively the Bruins were unable to stop Tajuan Porter who finished with 29 points on 7 of 9 shooting from beyond the arc.  In addition, UCLA was outrebounded 33-26 by Oregon.

In the second half, the UCLA defensive 2-3 zone got more aggressive, extending and pressuring the Ducks on the perimeter,  to help cut the lead, but then the  Bruin turnovers at the end were just too much to overcome.

A couple of bright notes from a rather dreary day at Pauley Pavilion, Tyler Honeycutt finished with a game-high 13 rebounds and 9 assists, while fellow freshman Brendan Lane continued to show promise as he finished 4 of 4 from the field for 8 points and pulled down 5 rebounds in 23 mintues of action.

UCLA (13-15, 8-8) travels to Arizona next week and needs to sweep both Arizona schools to end the regular season at .500.  It will be no easy task. 


At Feb 27, 2010, 3:22:00 PM, Anonymous AZBruin said...

Another gem. Noticed Dragovic didn't start 2nd half. I will be at the ASU game to see us play in person.

At Feb 28, 2010, 1:03:00 AM, Anonymous js said...

He may be a nice kid - but Anderson is without a doubt the worst point guard who has played for the bruins since I started following them in the late 1960's. Hope he is excelling in his studies as I'm sure he has a career ahead of him outside of basketball.

At Feb 28, 2010, 3:23:00 AM, Anonymous BruinFan said...

Anderson has officially lost his scholarship. If he returns nxt year I am BOYCOTTING anything relating to UCLA basketball. He's a Div 3 player. As one reader pointed out he is W.A.C. player.
If Moser does not suc, why doesn't he play? Is he "raw" also.
Stover is so bad he had to red-shirt. He played Div 5 CIF (small schools and had no competition)
Enough of the soft pansies. I like Mustafa, but when did a WALK-ON EVER play sooooo many minutes at the most Elite NCAA Basketball program EVER???
I'm embarrassed and ashamed. CBH is testing my patience as I am not looking forward to next year either.
CBH better change his style next year to run and gun...
Come on Guerrero, yank CBH after nxt yr, but at least warn him after this year.

At Feb 28, 2010, 5:04:00 AM, Anonymous ASK said...

Damn it Anderson, you lost this game for us single handedly!!! I was at the game and after his first turnover (the bad pass to Honeycut) he was all smiles and proceeded to give high fives to all of his team mates and the bench. I was so pissed, not only because of the bad turnover but his attitude was so nonchalant, almost like he was too cool to learn from his horrible pass at the wrong time. Then on the next posession he makes an unforced error to ensure the loss. He needs an attitude adjustment and needs to learn from this humility. I hope Howland learned that when it's crunch time we need Mustafa "Mr. Clutch" in and not butter fingers Anderson. Anderson plays best when he comes in for a few minutes and then back to the bench. He is not a starting point guard and I don't see him turning into one the next 2 years!!!!

At Feb 28, 2010, 5:19:00 AM, Anonymous ASK said...

Also, Dragobitch and Lee are horrible college 3-point shooters. Drogobitch is shooting 28.8% and Lee is shooting 26.0%!!! Why do they continue to let the ball fly from beyond the arc? The only player that should be shooting it more than once a half is Roll. He almost is twice as likely to make a 3-point shot as Lee and Dragobitch! The numbers don't lie, Roll needs to take away Lee's and Dbitch's attempts. We would have more wins if that happens. Also, Dbitch should be riding the pine. He is like a sieve on defense. Opposing teams pass the ball around until the person that has Dbitch guarding them catches it, then they take it to the whole or shoot a wide open jumper. He SUCKS on D and from the 3!!!!

At Feb 28, 2010, 5:32:00 AM, Anonymous ASK said...

Ray McCallum, come to UCLA!!! We need you!!!
Oh and "Brew in" I checked the stats and Reeves Nelson misses 2 free throws per game. If he hit every free throw he would move from 11ppg to 13ppg not 20 as you previously stated. Get off his jock already!!! He sucks!

At Feb 28, 2010, 5:37:00 AM, Anonymous ASK said...

azbruin wrote: "4 recruiting classes = 2 1/2 starters?"
HAHAHAHAHA azbruin. Your post was the funniest thing I have read in a long time. FYI UCLA has 5 starters every game!!! All players that are currently on UCLA have been recruited by Howland. So your number crunching of 2 1/2 starters doesn't add up. How can we have only 2.5 starters???? We would have to forfit every game!!!!

At Feb 28, 2010, 11:46:00 PM, Anonymous AzBruin said...

I stand corrected. yes we start five players. Sometimes it looks like we are forfeiting games.

At Mar 1, 2010, 2:08:00 AM, Anonymous Bruin4Life said...

When you consider that both Collison and Holiday are starting in the NBA and Jerime Anderson can't even connect an 8 foot bounce pass outside the arc, you realize the disparity in ability.
I know Jerime is a decent athlete because he played well last year backing up Collison but he doesn't have the mental fortitude to compete as a starter at this level.
The worst part is, we don't really have an alternative...
I'm hoping this loss to the Ducks puts a fire under Roll and Dragovic and they go off against the Arizonas and the Pac 9 Tourney. This is Drago's last chance to show people that he doesn't belong in a dumpster.

At Mar 3, 2010, 10:56:00 AM, Anonymous Jammer said...

All good points regarding Mr. Anderson. There is a coach on the sidelines and he is paid to make decisions like pull this joker off the court. He didn't and there lies the problem.
Lane needs more playing time. He has some skill and can play the 2 or 3 spelling Roll if need be.
The season is over. Deal with it.

At Mar 3, 2010, 11:05:00 AM, Anonymous Jammer said...

How can you even think of having Drag on the court. That kid has single handedly brought this program to its knees. Send back to Europe and let him work on his skills on the playground there.
He is a defensive liability and his shooting percentage is a joke.
Roll has done everything that has been asked of him. He is their "star" and he wouldn't see any playing time in any college program rated in the top 100. I like the kid; he is a trooper but he didn't sign up as the go to guy. Thank BH and his crappy recruiting of bigs who don't know how to play at this level and not having a point guard on the roster.
It's not going to be any different next year; they will be even younger and more inexperienced.
Lamb, Honeycutt and Nelson area good core but they will have to go 33 plus minutes and hopefully the Frosh will be better than advertised.
One and done at Pac 10 and that will be a blessing. Will not get a bid for NIT either. Teams with 7-10 losses will be there and will blow away the Bruins.
Howland is getting a free pass and this program will be dead.
It should not be compared to North Carolina. ACC is much tougher conference and the Tar Heels simply were young but will be tougher than ever next year. Williams will make sure of that.
Howland's trademark is tough defense, but these guys don't believe in anything on the defensive end.

At Mar 6, 2010, 10:13:00 AM, Anonymous Jammer said...

I have been watching them since the 70's. Wow, how things have spiralled downhill.
Howland is getting outcoached. The announcers stated that he is the best coach that UCLA has had since Wooden. Come on ... he gets nothing out of the talent he has and he recruits poorly. Next year's class is brutally unfit for Div I and it will be more of the same again.


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