Monday, November 23, 2009

Dragovic's Lawyer Speaks Out On Case, "Presumed Innocent"

By Bruin Basketball Report

Forward Nikola Dragovic's attorney, Jon Artz, spoke on behalf of his client early this evening. 

Artz reminded reporters and the public to remember people accused of crimes are "presumed innocent" until proven otherwise.

Dragovic was involved in a late night scuffle after a concert at the Henry Fonda theater on October 24.  According to prosecutor's statement this morning, Dragovic pushed the alleged victim into a glass display case which shattered.

Artz stated his client would plead not guilty to the charge of felony assault at the scheduled arraignment on December 21.  

Dragovic's lawyer said the UCLA forward was acting in self-defense as well as in defense of his friend who had accompanied him to the concert.  

Artz said there was an argument between the alleged victim and Dragovic and his friend after the concert.  Dragovic and his friend attempted to leave the scene and walked to another floor of the building, however, they were pursued by the alleged victim.  

Dragovic claims the alleged victim then pushed his friend and threatened both of them repeatedly which led to the altercation between Dragovic and the alleged victim.

While Dragovic will not play in tonight's game due to a suspension by Coach Ben Howland, Artz, a UCLA alum, feels his client should be able to play this season, although he understands its not his place or role to advise the UCLA Athletic Department on this matter.

Artz asked people to remember the Duke Lacrosse case, and to recall how everyone jumped to conclusions about the players only to learn later that the charges were false.


At Nov 26, 2009, 2:22:00 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

I remember the Duke Lacrosse case and they should not have had strippers or alcohol for underage students at that party and none of that would have happened. Oh same here-don't put yourself in the situation and you have no situation. This is a PATTERN of behavior and Drago is not worth the trouble.


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