Tuesday, October 16, 2007

James Keefe

its been two months I was just cleared by the doctor yesterday and I'll be able to run and polymetric exercises and start getting back into shape, getting my legs ready.

Right now the course is mid-December to begin playing in games, right now I'm ahead of schedule so hopefully I can get my muscle back and my upper arms and start lifting. It'll probably take me about a month.

My main focus over the spring and summer was to work out and get my weight by hitting the weights but after the surgery I haven't been able to lift in my upper body for the last two months.

I hurt my shoulder playing pickup in Orange Country, Mike Roll and bunch of local guys. I made a move towards the basket with my left hand and a help side defender reached in and popped my shoulder out, it sublexed, and popped back .

I've never had an injury to that shoulder.

I moved it around and iced it that night and knew I was coming up to UCLA for the skills camp in a week so I thought I'd just have it looked at up there. I got the x-ray it was negative but then got the injury news from the MRI.

I was very disappointed when I learned I was injured. I was actually playing great from the time I got the MRI and the injury

gaining more confidence by the end of the year

I had more experience with the college game and understanding the game better by the tournament.


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