Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Duncan Tabbed For "Premier" College Assistant Coaching Job

By Bruin Basketball Report

Scott Duncan has been hired
as an assistant coach at UCLA, Bruin head coach Ben Howland announced today.
Duncan replaces Kerry Keating who left to become the head coach at Santa

Duncan spent the last seven years as an assistant coach at the University of Oregon under Ernie Kent.  Howland requested permission from Kent to approach Duncan about the job at UCLA shortly before Keating announced he was leaving the school.

"When you think of college basketball there is one school you think of, and that is UCLA." Duncan said. "No school compares to UCLA, so when you have an
opportunity to work at the premier school, work for the premier coach
in your profession, its a very difficult thing to turn down."

Recognized as one of the nation's best assistant coaches and top
recruiters, Duncan brings over 25 years of experience as a major college
basketball assistant coach.

"I am very pleased that Scott Duncan has accepted the position of
assistant coach," said UCLA Head Coach Ben Howland. "He comes with a great background in
coaching and is very well respected as an outstanding recruiter. He is
a very experienced coach, an outstanding person and I feel very
fortunate to have him join the Bruin family."

Duncan was recently named the eighth-best assistant coach in the
country by Hoop Scoop, and was recognized as one of the nation's top 25
recruiters by

"A new chapter in my life has opened up and I am very flattered and
excited about the opportunity to work at UCLA." Duncan said. "I am looking forward to
working with Coach Howland, who is considered to be one of the best
coaches in all of basketball. The best thing I can do, whether in
working with the current student-athletes, or in recruiting, is to
devote all of my energy in going towards winning a national
championship. Not very many people in my shoes get that opportunity and
I certainly don't want to waste that."

When asked if he was interested in becoming a head coach in the future, Duncan states its certainly one of his professional pursuits.

"I absolutely want to be a head coach." Duncan, a Columbus Ohio native said.  It is one of the attractive measures of UCLA. If i am deserving of another coaching job in the future, I will now be a part of a system the majority in college basketball consider as the best system in the country."

Duncan hasn't spoken to Howland about his specific role with the team but plans to do whatever is needed to help build a more successful program.

"I'm looking to get plugged into wherever they need me." Duncan said. "Ive been in the business for 26 years and there is nothing as an assistant coach I haven't done."

With Kevin Love arriving in Westwood next season, Duncan was asked how the Ducks struck out on the prized recruit from the state of Oregon.

"I think it goes back to the same reason why I chose to go to UCLA," the savvy 51 year old coach said. "UCLA is the premier school in the country, and it has the premier coach in the country. I'm sure you'll find that's what Kevin was looking for."

"I've never been an "I" guy in recruiting." Duncan said. "I think the most important person in recruiting is the Head Coach - he's the one who closes the deal on all the players. I've always been brought up in recruiting as we 'all get them' and 'we all lose them'.

Duncan  officially joined the Ducks' coaching staff in 2000 after
spending the previous three seasons assisting
Wyoming to its first post-season berth in seven campaigns in 1997-98
before moving to Clemson the following year.  He played a major role in the school signing four of
the nation's top 100 recruits.

Including a two-year stint at
Washington State during the 1995-96 season, Duncan has helped attract
recruiting classes that have been recognized among the top 25 in the
country seven of the last 10 years, including Oregon's 2003 class (No.

Graduating with an undergraduate degree in physical education
and economics from the College of Wooster, Ohio, in 1978, the
three-year letterman began his coaching career as a part-time assistant
at Cleveland State in 1978-79. Two years later, he
joined New Mexico for a 10-year tenure.
Duncan also spent time at Fresno State and then four years
at Northern Illinois (1991-92 through 1994-95).

(photo credit: Oregon Athletics)



At Apr 12, 2007, 4:28:00 AM, Anonymous shane said...

We are really sticking it to the Oregon Ducks. First we take the number one recruit right out of there backyard and then we take there number recruiter. Ernie Kent must love us. Go Bruins!!!

At Apr 12, 2007, 7:52:00 AM, Anonymous BruinFan said...

That's a QUACK UP!!!
Hey, I thought this site was disappearing or was that just an April Fool's joke???
Keep it going BBR!!

At Apr 12, 2007, 8:52:00 AM, Anonymous BillSouthBay said...

OK Bruinfan. That is very clever. I am focused now on who fills the AA scholarship opening, and whether Dragovic will be a force next year...

At Apr 30, 2007, 4:57:00 PM, Anonymous Malcolm said...

As a serious UCLA fan from the east coast, I'm wondering who advised Afflalo? This kid, while probably a nice guy, doesn't seem to have anything to contribute to the NBA. Even his famed jump shot isn't that strong against most players that decide to get in his face.Rather than list all of the areas that he will never be able to develop, regretfully he has given up a chance to play one final year in college and shine. I'm reminded of those that went before him with so much more atheletismyet failed to last in the NBA.
The O'Bannons,Toby Bailey,JR.Henderson,Tyus Edney etc.
I wish his him well, if only someone had been upfront with him. He will be lucky to get drafted at all. He should avoid the pre-camps or his stock will fall even further and he could go undrafted.


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