Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Farmar To Play At Pre-Draft Camp, Afflalo To Sit Out

By Bruin Basketball Report

The NBA announced its final roster for the pre-draft camp to be held in Orlando with sessions running from Tuesday until Friday.

UCLA's Jordan Farmar has elected to participate in the pre-draft camp, while his backcourt mate, Arron Afflalo, was invited to the camp but decided not to attend.

Farmar has worked out for a number of NBA teams in private work-outs over the past few weeks, including the Lakers, Clippers, Suns, Kings and Nets.

He has received varying grades on his performances at the work-outs, and is still seen as a middle to late first round draft choice.

The UCLA point-guard's decision to participate in the pre-draft camp may be the result of his inability to showcase his play-making skills in the small private work-out sessions which typically involves only two to six players on the court at a time.

The fact Farmar is participating in the pre-draft camp indicates he is looking to improve his current draft status.

The pre-draft camp will consist of six competing teams. Farmar is slated to be on a team consisting of the following players:

Point Guard Jordan Farmar (UCLA)
Point Guard Daniel Horton (Michigan)
Shooting Guard Allan Ray (Villanova)
Shooting Guard Chris McCray (Maryland)
Small Forward Bobby Jones (Washington)
Small Forward David Noel (North Carolina)
Small Forward Steve Novak (Marquette)
Power Forward Pops Mensah-Bonsu (George Washington)
Power Forwrd Paul Millsap (Louisiana Tech)
Center Terrence Dials (Ohio St.)

Meanwhile, most NBA scouts expect Arron Afflalo to return to UCLA for his junior season.

He has worked out in private work-outs with teams including the Lakers, Pacers, Bulls, Cavaliers and Suns.

Most reports from Afflalo's work-outs sessions indicate he would be a second round draft choice at best this year.

Both Farmar and Afflalo have not signed with agents and are still eligible to play at UCLA next year if they withdraw from the NBA draft by the June 18 deadline.

As expected, none of the players projected to be lottery selections in the first round will be participating in the pre-draft sessions this week.


(photo credit: AP)


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