Thursday, June 08, 2006

Farmar Matches Up Against Washington In Day Two

By Bruin Basketball Report

DraftExpress is providing exceptional reports throughout the day at the NBA Pre-Draft camp in Orlando.

In the early morning session of Day Two of the camp, Jordan Farmar’s Team No.1 split its ten players into two teams and scrimmaged against each other;

"Jordan Farmar was probably the best overall player in the morning session. He ran his team with terrific poise, making excellent decisions on the pick and roll and beginning to develop some cohesiveness between his unit as far as becoming familiar with each other. He found the open man time after time in both the game and the transition drill, and did a good job scoring the ball himself unselfishly when the opportunity presented itself." - DraftExpress

In a much anticipated showdown between the two top sophomore point-guards playing in the camp, Farmar faced off against Memphis’ Darius Washington in an afternoon game between their two teams.

Washington was easily the most impressive player in the game, demonstrating quickness and sharp passing from the point.

Prior to the NBA Pre-Draft camp, scouts were reportedly concerned about Washington's ability to play the point at the next level and some even suggested he was more of a two-guard.

Washington had been projected to be a second-round draft pick in most mock drafts, and hoped to use the four-days in Orlando to showcase more of his point-guard skills.

On the other team, Jordan Farmar was solid and steady - more interested in setting up his teammates than scoring baskets himself.

Farmer hit a running floater in the paint for the winning basket in a 73-72 victory over Washington's team.

Farmar's totals: 8 points, 3-7 FG, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, 2 TO

“Nothing spectacular, but Farmar did a solid job of running his team’s offense and defending the opposing man on the other end of the floor today. He pushed the tempo of the game nicely and got into the lane to find the open man unselfishly on the drive and kick. When the opportunity was there, Farmar managed to score around the hoop as well with a nice floater or finger roll. There were quite a few minutes when he struggled to get things going too, though, being contained in the half-court due to his average first step. All in all, this was an above average showing for Farmar, but we know he is capable of much more." - DraftExpress

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