Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nets To Look Closely at Farmar

By Bruin Basketball Report

UCLA point-guard Jordan Farmar heads the list of players whom the New Jersey Nets will work out this week in preparation for the upcoming NBA draft, as reported in the New York Post.

The Nets may be looking for an eventual successor to their veteran point-guard Jason Kidd.

Kidd, who turns 34, will be starting his 13th NBA campaign next season.

Farmar has been projected to be a mid to low first round draft pick; and the Nets own the 23rd pick in the NBA draft this year.

Some basketball experts have compared Farmar's style of play at the point-guard position to Kidd.

Although not as big or strong as Kidd, Farmar is similar to the NBA All-Star veteran in both are saavy point-guards with very high basketball IQs which make up for some of their athletic deficienices, and both Kidd and Farmar are natural-born leaders on the court.

Getting drafted by the Nets would be an ideal situation for Farmar who could learn from one of the best point guards in NBA history without having the pressure to perform right away in a starting role.

The Nets only have Jeff McInnis under contract after this season to back-up at the point - and some feel McInnis will be traded during the offseason.

Former Kansas Jayhawk Jacque Vaughn was the Nets' main back-up at the point this year but he becomes a free-agent after this season.

Jordan Farmar has repeatedly stated he would likely enter the June 28th NBA draft if he is guarenteed a first-round selection.

At this time, Farmar is committed to participating in only private NBA team work-outs, although, its been reported he may still attend the NBA pre-draft tryouts (June 6-10) in Orlando to improve his draft position.



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