Friday, March 31, 2006

UCLA Men's Basketball Injury Update (3/31)

By Bruin Basketball Report

Ryan Hollins suffered a a contusion to his right knee, just above the kneecap, in a collision with teammate Alfred Aboya during practice today.

"We started to ice it, and he did not practice the rest of the time." Howland said. "He has swelling there and will not participate in shoot around."

When asked what treatment Hollins will undergo before tomorrow's game against LSU, Howland said, "He's going to be with our trainer, Tony Spino, all night. He'll be hooked up to a Stim machine, and be 'stimmed', iced, they'll be massaging it."

Underlying the importance of the game, Howland said, "Just assuming it's musculature, it will take a team of horses to hold Ryan from playing. It's his senior year, his opportunity to play in the national semifinal game."

Hollin's playing status for tomorrow will be a game-time decision.

In other injury news, Lorenzo Mata who broke his nose on practice on Wednesday had a CAT scan done on the injury.

"Our trainer did a good job of snapping it right back into place. The doctors looked at it and were impressed," Howland said.

"Lorenzo practiced today with his mask on. Hopefully he can stay healthy here the rest of the way." Howland quipped.



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