Friday, March 24, 2006

Afflalo and Hollins Exhibit Class In Victory

By Bruin Basketball Report

In an act of selfless human compassion and sportsmanship, UCLA’s Arron Afflalo and Ryan Hollins, exhibited the type of players the Bruins have in their basketball program.

As the final seconds ticked off in UCLA's victory over Gonzaga, a despondent Adam Morrison folded onto center court and began weeping.

Morrison, an emotional and competitive player, and his Bulldogs had just been beaten by one of the most remarkable comeback victories in the history of college basketball.

The arena was deafening with a joyful UCLA crowd, and the Bruin players were rejoicing with each other on the floor.

Yet, in the throes of their victory celebration, Afflalo and Hollins noticed Morrison crumpled on the court.

"I was running around celebrating with my teammates," Afflalo said, "but then I saw him laying there on the floor, and I felt for him a little bit. I know he's a competitor and he wants to win, but there was no reason for him to cry.”

“He's a great player and he's going to have a great career, and I know it's hard when you've just won a game to say this, but he should definitely keep his head up. I just wanted to tell him he should still be in a good mood."

Morrison was appreciative of the gesture.

"That's just a sign of obviously a great program, you know, great people," Morrison said of Afflalo and Hollins.

"They had enough guts (as men) to come over in their moment of victory and pick someone up off the floor. That's just a sign of great people and great players. That's more than basketball and I would thank them now if I could."

The moment last night brought back memories of UCLA’s 1973 championship victory over Memphis. Bill Walton had just finished making an unbelievable 21 of 22 field goals and scored 44 points when he sprained his ankle late in the game.

Despite his Tigers being down by 20 points to the Bruins, Memphis star Larry Finch went to the injured Walton and helped him off the court walking him back to the UCLA bench.

Finch earned the respect and adoration of many fans that day.

Yesterday night, Afflalo and Hollins earned it too.



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CLASS = UCLA’s Arron Afflalo and Ryan Hollins


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