Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bruins' Players Injury Bugged

They could try laughing, but that would probably injure something. Could try cursing the fates, but somebody would no doubt rip a vocal cord.

So mostly they shrug. Say what are they supposed to do? Just keep playing, and try to be very careful not to trip over the next fallen teammate.

The UCLA Bruins aren't a basketball team, they're a medical experiment. They're a walking exercise in kinesiology, or would be if most of them could walk.

A lot of them are limping, which is difficult to do while carrying X-rays. They're bandaged and stitched. There are more tears in the Bruins than a frayed ancient document.

They are a standing headline: Another Bruin lost to injury.

The thing about it is, they keep manufacturing different combinations, using one unproven freshman after another, and mostly winning. L.A. Daily News


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