Monday, January 09, 2006

Bruins Climb To No.11 in AP, No.12 in ESPN/USA Today

By Bruin Basketball Report

After sweeping both Arizona schools on the road last week, the UCLA Bruins (13-2, 3-1) moved up to No.11 in the AP and No. 12 in the ESPN/USA Today polls.

For the first time this season, the Bruins are the highest ranked Pac-10 team in the polls. The Washington Huskies (12-2, 1-2) dropped below the Bruins in both polls to No.13 after their home loss to Washington St. on Saturday.

While the Arizona Wildcats (10-4, 3-1) moved down to No. 24/AP and No.25/ESPN USA Today polls after their split with the two southern California schools at home last week.

The Bruin's upcoming opponent on Thursday, the Washington St. Cougars (9-3, 2-1), earned 4 votes from ESPN/USA Today voters but none from the AP.

Also noteworthy was West Virginia, whom the Bruins face on Jan. 21 at Pauley Pavilion, moved up to No. 16/AP and No.23/ESPN USA Today after their big win over No.3 ranked Villanova. The Mountaineers (10-3) have won eight straight games and will be a severe test for the Bruins in two weeks.

The Bruins are also No. 10 ranked in College RPI and No. 22 in Strength of Schedule (SOS).



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